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For the most fun and interesting parties for your Kids why not try a party with a theme that revolves round an idea, hobby or interest that your child has. Things that your Kids are “in to” will be guaranteed to keep them amused, entertained and have tons of fun for the duration of the party whether you hold the party “at home” or at a venue.

Organising a Party with a theme does take time in the planning and organising, but it’s well worth it when your Kids Party is a huge success and you find that all the guests don’t want to go home.

One word of warning do check with your birthday child the theme chosen is one they agree to! How disastrous to organise a Party only to find that your little darling has “gone off” that idea or “doesn’t like that anymore”. It’s always best to involve your child in the planning stage of their party, agree on the theme,(they might have their own unusual idea that you had never thought of) dressing up, party games to play, activities to do and food and drink.

For a selection of books with lots of ideas for Parties see KIDS-PARTY.COM Books

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Here is a selection of ideas for Kids Parties this is by no means a definitive list. If an idea or theme has been a success for your Kids Party please send details so we can share and pass on information.

TREASURE HUNT The perfect theme for a birthday, treasure chests filled with sand, costume jewellery and puzzles for your guests. Attach colourful balloons if you desire. Use treasure maps as place mats on each table; put instructions on each table with clues to find treasure you have hidden either in the house or in the garden. Fill a room with balloons to lead people to the "buried" treasure. Don’t forget “who’s a pretty boy then” (the parrot), leave clues to find the letters to spell the parrots name. And finally, list the clues as well as the "rules" on the instructions for this Treasure Hunt Kids Party. Can be used inside or outside, chocolate money is a great idea for hidden treasure.

The Kids Party An ordinary theme but a great party! Start with lots and lots of balloons see Balloons Plus for specialist suppliers, Kids have great fun playing with balloons both indoors and outside. Try drawing faces on the balloons, playing basketball, passing the balloons between each child without dropping, football with a balloon is great fun, the list is endless. Make sure you have enough “puff” to blow the balloons up or enlist the help of willing friends/parents, You can always take delivery of a bottle of helium gas to make life a lot easier and quicker but don’t use the balloons outside you’ll never see them again.

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Film Star Party Make the Birthday Child a Film Star for the Party. All Kids love dressing up and what better than for then to choose their favourite film star. Then all the guests can guess which Star ,Character and Film. Prizes could be in the style of oscars. You could video the party interviewing guests as their film star role or acting out their favourite scene. For their 15 minutes of fame!

Safari Party Tracking down the animals in the jungle aka garden or house ( based on the treasure hunt party)find the animals putting names to them, lots of games to play pin the tail on the donkey, finding pairs of animals to put into Noah’s Ark, dressing up as their favourite animal, bake animal shaped biscuits and let the Kids decorate them as part of the birthday tea, face painting, model making. Check out your local zoo’s and Kids Party Trips for ideas on places to take a group of Kids for a day out.

Pirate Party Be a pirate for your birthday? Find the buried treasure? Discover an island? Meet Captain Hook? Well, maybe not the last one, but this is a great party for any adventurous mate. Make an invitation and be creative. I suggest a treasure map to your house, what else? This wouldn’t be hard to do and the whole family can get involved. Just make sure the clues aren’t too hard! Plan out your menu, and the activities that go along with it, etc. What do pirates eat? They love cake and ice cream and hot-dogs Decorate with balloons and pictures of pirate ships. Decorate your table with chocolate money as treasure. Make treasure map place mats (that send them looking for treasure) and a pirate hat for each guest. Come up with some activities that go along with your pirate theme to keep everyone entertained. I suggest a treasure hunt (hide prizes in different rooms; give out clues and a treasure map-mentioned above). You may even want to watch Peter Pan or Hook and have a trivia quiz when it’s over for prizes. As the kids enter, give each a moustache and an eye patch and MAKE THEM WEAR IT. You may also want to get some bandannas to tie around their heads. Great photo opportunity.

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Alien Party It’s the Millennium. The future is now. kids are really into give into it and have a party to remember. You’ll need an invitation, make your own and send it out with a special message from outer space…like "The Aliens Are Coming…to Alex’s House!" Have fun with it. Think of places other than home to have your Kids Party A party room at the Children’s Museum? A room at the Science Museum? Something like that. If not, you’ll still have fun, but having it at a museum is an added benefit (not to mention learning experience).Plan your menu, but don’t try too hard. there are certain names you can give something as simple as a hot dog that screams "science fiction!" listing your food items with a difference si-fi sausages, borg burgers, celestial chips, warp drive waffles, plasma pizza’s, etc .Come up with some fun activities a "draw an alien" contest; decorating alien cookies, get loads of boxes and let the Kids make their own Alien, and other things that go with your theme.

Pyjama Party There’s nothing like sitting around in your pyjamas and your favourite slippers, drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits and sharing stories with friends. invite everyone over for a pyjama party an all-night sleep over to celebrate your birthday. Here are some "do’s and don'ts." Don’t forget to invite your guests’ favourite night time companions if they have one. (Tell the truth…who can sleep without their worn and weary teddy bear or favourite "Noonoo?") If you have your Kids friends to stay over, make sure you start late enough that they aren’t bored by 10 p.m. As far as the invitation goes, customise it for your needs or you can make your own invitation. If your neighbours won’t get too upset, set up a clothes line in your front garden with sheets, pyjama tops, bottoms, pillow cases and more blowing in the wind. Your guests will immediately know where the pyjama party is being held, and they’ll have a good laugh too. Fun signs that you can make on your computer in the bathrooms and other places can say things like: WASH BEHIND YOUR EARS, BRUSH YOUR TEETH and more! Let the Kids make tents and houses out of sheets, blankets Of course, the proverbial bedtime stories are what you think of first when you think pyjama party. And let’s not forget the good old "ghost story." So, that’s always fun. The usual charades, trivia contests and other games will work well, but you probably want to have some pillow fights. Why not?

Magic Party There is nothing more fascinating for children than magic. Remember when that coin was pulled from behind your ear, or when that eight of hearts card mysteriously ended up on the top of the deck? Come, on we can all admit that we marvelled! What better way to add to the fascination than to incorporate a magic theme that will keep children’s eyes wide the entire time.When each child enters, give them a magic trick or a deck of cards with instructions on how to perform a certain card trick (take into consideration ages of the children so that the tricks are age appropriate). During the party, each child has to learn how to perform a trick.Have the children decorate their very own magic hat. You can buy pre-made black top hats and have them decorate them with glitter, ribbon, pom-poms, and other fun materials that you find at a local craft store.The grand event of the party is a magic show where all of the kids perform the trick they’ve learned or hire a magician. Go to KIDS-PARTY.COM Enterainers for details of entertainers in your area. Other Themes for your KIDS-PARTY are Barney, Barbie, Batman, Toy Story, Bugs Life, Thomas the Tank………. the list is endless! Use your imagination and have fun at your KIDS-PARTY.

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