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Scrumptious Ideas - Jewellery Parties

Jewellery Parties - West Midlands Age 6+

Looking for a different party idea?  What to keep children intersted? Scrumptious Ideas will come to your home or chosen venue and spend approx 1.5 creating lovely pieces of Jewellery with your party. Each child takes home their creations in an organza bag 'What a lovely party bag' Birthday girl receives a special gift.
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Gogoblin: Online Wish Lists for Kids
Gogoblin. The Next Big Thing in Children’s Parties…
Make an online wish list at, print out and enclose list details with the party invitations and enjoy the gratitude of other parents as well as your child’s happy smiles on the day.
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Start the music
Whenever the music stops the players must run into a corner (which has a colour written on it) One player is asked to choose a piece of paper from out of a tub.This will have a colour written on it. The players who are in this colour corner are out.
The aim is to be the last person in.

Newspaper balance
Split the participants up in to pairs. For each pair they are given a sheet of newspaper. They must dance of the floor until the music stops, at which point they are to fold up their newspaper and both players balance on it. Without touching the floor, if this does happen both players are out.
*they are allowed to piggy back each other*
The last couple in recieve a prize

Food for adults
Don't forget to provide a little food for adults who stay and have probably spent the entire morning/afternoon getting their child ready for the party and buying a present!

The Parcel
Between each layer of the "parcel" that you are passing put a piece of folded paper with a task on, i.e. do an impression, dance to the music being played, sing a nursery ryhme.

Pass a Gift
The Birthday person is ready to open their gifts and the cards are being read. Everyone invited to the party sits in a circle and listens for the 3 special words. Pick 3 special words i.e. "wishing, birthday and happy". Hand a small wrapped gift to one of the people in the circle. Each time you hear any of the 3 special words the small wrapped gift is passed. After all the cards are read, the person left holding the small wrapped gift gets to keep it.

Candy Guess
Buy a small inexpensive container or cup that the winner can use when they get home. Fill it with jelly beans or sweets. Have each person at the party guess how many there are in the container. The person who guesses the closest without going over the actual amount wins the container and the contents.

Suggestion for a Party Idea
Go to the local park and get your friends to bring games, bikes, roller blades, skate boards etc! It's great fun.

Tips from an Entertainer
Remember if you are useing an entertainer not to distribute, food, drinks, balloons or noise makers just before or during the show. The kids can't particate with a mouthful of food and as for noisemakers it only takes a couple of noisy characters to ruin the show.

Pin the nose on the face
We had great fun with a very similar game recently at my daughters party. I cut out different face parts from magasines, hair, ears, eyes etc. Then blindfold had to tack them onto a face drawn on paper and tacked to the door or wall. We were in stitches seeing their popstar favourites all mixed up.!!!

Suggestion fo a party game
Instead of "pin the tail on the donkey" try an "everyone wins" version with a blank face on the wall and while blindfolded have the kids tack on facial features (eyes, nose, ears, hair, mouth etc) Kids enjoy seeing what they've created as a group (usually something close to a Picasso!!)

Theme for a Party
Emily had a Fashion Party. I invited my friends and we had a fashion show, dance to music and then told ghost stories, played games and watched movies. It was awsome

Party Game Instaed of using chairs for Musical Chairs- I always use Giant Playing Cards instaed and keep on removing one each time the music stops. You can also give the cards to the winner of a game and the one with the most cards at the end of the party wins a PRIZE

My mum did me a Halloween party once and it was great, she put green perspex on the lights to give an errie feel. We had crepe paper Blue Tacked to the ceiling as well. It was great.



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