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Basic Multi-listing on KIDS-PARTY.COM

KIDS-PARTY.COM offers multiple basic listing for your organisation on it's site and within it's directory for only £18.50 for 12 months!

 example of a basic listing
YOUR BUSINESS NAME, A short description of your business, no more than 70 characters. address 10 First Street, Grass Green, West Town, Large City, COUNTY. PO5 TC0D3 Tel: 0123 4567890

The KIDS-PARTY.COM Multi-Listing allows you to place a basic listing in up to five pages, within any combination of categories or region pages of the KIDS-PARTY.COM website. This service costs £18.50 for 12months and you can pay securely online by any major credit card by PayPal.
We accept PayPal
There is a simple two step process to complete your listing and on-line payment process.

1. Complete the form below to choose the categories and regions that you would like your basic listing to appear in and the details that you would like to appear

Complete the details below and submit the form.
Your details
Business name

Short description of service
(70 characters maximum)

Business address

Fax number
Contact name
(if different from above)
Select where your listing will appear
KIDS-PARTY.COM locations
in region
in region
in region
in region
in region

Please note that email addresses and links are not published with free listings, submitting your email address below, in this context will only be used to communicate with you with regard to your listing.
your email address
KIDS-PARTY.COM reserves the right to edit listings for the protection of our users.
Privacy policy
All information submitted to KIDS-PARTY.COM is held in strictest confidence. KIDS-PARTY.COM warrants that except that information that is published on the site http;// from time to time, KIDS-PARTY.COM does not sell, exchange, rent any information that is submitted. KIDS-PARTY.COM reserves the right to amend and withdraw any entry, listing, advert or otherwise if it feels that the content is misleading or unsuitable to those that use the KIDS-PARTY.COM site.


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