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100 Kids-Party Games!

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Balloon bash Pass the ball
Bubbles Pass the balloon
Chain catch Pass the parcel
Egg and spoon race Pin the tail on the donkey
Feeling game Poker faces
Floor darts Red blue and green
Hats and shoes Ring a ring of roses
Hare and tortoise Round the mulberry bush
Hokey Kokey Row the boat
Hoopla Simon says
Islands Skittkes
Jigsaws Squeak squeak
Keep the balloon in the air Statues
Musical bumps Tasters
Musical chairs Three blind mice
Musical statues Treasure hunt
Obstical race Tug of war
Opposites What's the time mister wolf
Who Am I ? How Much Am I ?
Pass the Parcel With Riddles Guess the Word
Where is the Clock? Firemen
Hold Hands Water and Spoon Race
Across the Valley Pass a Hat
One Handed Centipedes
Land and Water Centipedes X 2
Balloon Penalty Three Leged Race
Spider Rattle
Shorts The Quickest
Score a Goal Hummock?
Hold the Hands Orienteering
Putting a Shot Feed a Friend
Musical Toys Find a Chair
Long Arm Poor Piggy
Builder Newtons Law
Jumps Bad Painters
Wispers pantomime
Closed Eyes Draw a cat
Puss in Boots Dolls
Burst a Balloon Skittle
Potatoe and spoon race Kangaroo
Catch the Fish Cinderella
Cup and Ball The Fastest
Decorate a Tree Thermometer
Butterfly Balloon Polar Bears
Cross Roads Fishing Rod
Wolfe and Hare Race
Hop Dop Who is it?
Discover Head Hand Feet
Behind your Back Blue Ball Red Ball
Fishes Animals Birds

Nose Nose Mouth

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